The App Idea Illusion: Want Your App Sold for Millions?

If one thing is wrong with our generation, it’s the fact that we fill our heads with impossible fantasies and end up wasting precious time in a dream state, without ever actually DOING anything! The new trend for high school and college kids is creating possible app ideas without any implementation.

Nick D’Aloisio, Creator of Summly

Nick D’Aloisio, Creator of Summly

Who Wouldn’t Want Their App Sold to a Large Company like Yahoo?

Everyone wants to create the new hip and happening app and have that app sold for millions of dollars. We see that Snapchat is worth 500 million dollars, watch the creators of Tumblr make a cool billion with Yahoo, and think that our idea is next. False. We see young kids like Nick D’Aloisio (Summly), or David Karp (Tumblr), and think if they can do it at 17 and 20, why can’t I? For 99% of the supposedly ambitious teenagers, the idea is the only and final step in their projects. Why? No one realizes how difficult it is to create an app. This isn’t your fault, however. Because most of our public school system doesn’t incorporate Java or C++ programming, kids are lost. They try to learn how to program for a week, see no progress, and quit. They might try to hire someone to implement their ideas but quickly find that hiring an app developer costs just as much (if not more) as the college tuition they dread! Oh, why is the world so cruel?! Regardless, having an app sold for a large sum of money these days is very rare due to the competitive nature of large firms and advanced programmers. However, simple ideas like Temple Run and Angry Birds are just part of those exceptions.

For starters, the world isn’t necessarily cruel. The fact of the matter is that apps are not something that everyone can make, contrary to what people may think. Instead of thinking of the billions of dollars that you could make with an app that you could never develop, we encourage you, yes YOU, the person on this computer screen reading this article to play to your strengths. It’s as simple as that. While 99% of people in your age range are going gaga over their app idea, I suggest you make a list of things YOU know how to do, and truly do well. Once you have that on paper, you might be able to see a clearer way to implement that original application idea. If not, it doesn’t matter!

An App Sold for Millions is one that Required a Creative Drive

App Sold for Millions: Strengths and WeaknessesLetting ideas simmer in your brain forever will make them rot. Put the idea aside for a while! Make sure it’s the idea that you want to pursue. A good indicator of the quality of your idea is how long you remember it/stay interested in it. A good indicator of your creative drive is if you can apply your original app idea with other mediums to make things easier for yourself. If after a few weeks or possibly months, you’re still interested, invested, and improving your ideas, then, congratulations, you have the drive to take on a creative entrepreneurial project. Don’t get lost in the illusion that your app idea will be sold for millions; it will only slow you down and limit your opportunities. An app sold for a lot of money, only rarely happens.Play to your strengths, take on projects you know you can achieve, and go tackle the app once you’ve gained more experience and matured. Especially, don’t go thinking that everyone will want to help you or fund your projects. That’s why we’re here!

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