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Oddisee: The New J Dilla

For those of you that are hip hop heads, explaining who J Dilla is serves no purpose. On the other hand, I am sure many people do not have an even remote idea as to who this mysterious J is. J Dilla, or Jay Dee, is one of the most famed hip hop producers of all times.

Contrary to what most outsiders may think, neither hip hop nor rap is all smoking blunts, crashing Maybachs, and flaunting one’s money. The producing world is even farther from that. Hip Hop producers are usually smart, talented, crate diggers who do not necessarily enjoy the limelight that some artists do, but generate most, if not all of the “beats”, that rappers use.

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How to Stop Laziness and Turn it Into a Creative Driver

Stop Laziness and Use it to Your Advantage Human beings are, without a doubt, the only species to be blessed with the plague of laziness! In the face of adversity or responsibility, we tend to evade the obvious, and find ways to do just the opposite of what we are supposed to do. Have you ever found yourself devising crazy plans just to avoid a task you don’t want to accomplish? Here’s why being lazy is a good thing and how you can stop laziness, turning it to your advantage: Being lazy, just like being bored, is a creative stimulator! Everyone’s lazy; the only difference between a lazy person and an unproductive person is the way that they manage their laziness. While many people believe that there is a clear divide between productivity and laziness, you’ll see that the divide will slowly disappear by the end of this article. For example, take the average task of taking out the trash. No one enjoys taking out the trash, but it must be done. My mother, for one, absolutely hates taking out the trash. When you’re obliged to do something that you don’t want to do, it becomes a chore. A lot of people don’t like doing chores (especially college kids), and become lazy. What they don’t realize is that instead of letting the trash accumulate and eventually having to take it out, they could see that chore accomplished without lifting a finger. In essence, one must stop laziness at its roots! My mother understood this and took advantage of her laziness and surroundings to find a way to never take... read more

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