Planet Parle: A Rising YouTube Personality and Entertainer

Planet Parle: A Rising YouTube Personality and Entertainer

Meet Parle from Planet Parle

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The other day, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Parle from Planet Parle. You may have already heard of him or seen many of his hilarious Gujarati parents videos. Parle currently resides in the United Kingdom, where he creates his comedic masterpieces and empowers others in the Gujarati community. He’s a passionate individual that truly cares about his culture as well as making others around him happy. Always full of positivity and wisdom, Parle joins us today to shed some light into his career and background.

There is just so much to be learned from this young man. From receiving only 13 views back in the day to reaching over 500,000 views on his most recent videos, Parle has come a long way, yet still has a lot of terrain to cover. His ambitious and optimistic attitudes about life are what have brought him this far. Read more to discover how he got to the point of where he is today and his future goals.

Questions I ask:

  • What did you want to become when you were a young boy?
  • What sparked your interest and passion for making videos?
  • Why isn’t entertaining suited for everyone?
  • How supportive were your friends?
  • What types of opportunities opened up from YouTube and networking with other professionals?
  • Why do you think Indian parents are so closed minded when it comes to career choices?
  • What is your favorite moment when a fan recognized you?
  • Do Indians in India realize that they have an accent?
  • Rapid Fan Questions

What you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to follow your dreams and not give up
  • The initial reasons behind Planet Parle
  • Why becoming a YouTuber or entrepreneur isn’t for everyone
  • How supportive his friends and family are about his YouTube career
  • The struggle within the Indian community
  • Whether or not people are aware of their accents
  • How it is like to be recognized by fans in the public

Watch our interview with Parle from Planet Parle here:

Questions Not Found Within the Clip:

Walk us through, step by step, in how you create your videos from start to finish.

For Planet Parle, I work by myself. I write my own videos. I come from a television and film background because that’s what I studied at the university. Thus, I was never going to make just sketch-like videos. I wanted to make characters that people know the names of and are very different from myself. Initially, I would make these characters. Then, I think about what is going on in my life and find a starting point. Once I have that, I just keep building upon it. After that, I start filming the sketches. While I’m filming, I keep getting ideas to the reactions, which I incorporate in the sketches. After that, I film the vlogs. I love commentating on my videos. This allows me to express myself and show my own personality. This entire process can take day or even weeks.

What kind of videos can we expect in the future of Planet Parle?

There will be a lot of spin-off type videos. It might be one of the characters taking over the channel to vlog. So it won’t be “me” vlogging, but instead one of the characters. You will definitely seeing a lot more interviews with everyone from singers to entrepreneurs. I’m hoping by the end of April, I will be in the rhythm to upload more and more.

Do you think that making videos on YouTube can lead to a sustainable career?

It is definitely sustainable. You really need to bulldoze and continue. It’s also about acceptance. You need to accept where you are with everything. People get too full of themselves too fast. This is what happens to many entrepreneurs.  If you’re operating a business, then you can’t run it for yourself. You have to be doing things to attract your target demographic.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Hopefully on a cinema screen. I’d like to be a proper actor. To me, putting on an Indian accent, dressing up, and saying a dialogue isn’t really entertainment. For me, I’d rather like to see a character on the screen.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs that want to follow up in your footsteps?

First of all, don’t give up. I think too many people start different things and see no results, which makes them stop going forward. If it’s not working the way you want it to, then go around and try a different way to reach your end goal. Don’t stop, though. If it’s something you truly believe in, then it will happen. If it’s not working, focus on why it’s not working. Stay true to what you want from it. Be very careful about what you say yes or no to. Do things because you truly believe in them.

For future YouTubers, make it your own. Try to mix it up if you can. Don’t stop and keep at it. My first video I uploaded only got 13 views overnight. Don’t do it because you want to become an entertainer. Do it because you enjoy entertaining.

What is your why? Why do you get out of bed every morning to do what you do?

The big motivation for me is that it makes the people around me happy, when they see that I’m happy. It’s a give and take process. If I make a video and no one likes it, I still like it. When I make a video and everyone likes it, then naturally I’m going to be even more happy. It’s a balance. My mom and dad are another part of my why. Without them, there would be no Planet Parle. They are the stars of the show. They’re the reason I’m so obsessed with South Asian culture. I love the way they’ve kept it interesting for me. They’ve given me a lot of inspiration as well. My mother comes from a theatrical background and my father comes from a filming background. It’s very interesting to see that I’ve gone on and combined the two. So, that is what’s really important to me. I love them a lot, even though they do get annoying sometimes, and I make videos about them.

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If you’d like to get involved with any of Planet Parle’s charity organizations as well as help grow awareness for the marginalization of Gujarati culture, contact Parle at PlanetParle[at]

Parle will be making a stop in the United States in the near future to schedule meet and greets. Stay tuned for more videos from his YouTube channel very soon.

Written and Filmed by Yogin Patel

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