Love and Money: When You Are Too Busy for a Relationship

Love and Money: When You Are Too Busy for a Relationship

Human beings crave two essential stimuli: love and money. Both require a significant investment whether it be time or thought. It is the aspect when we realize that we may be too busy for a relationship. So, how does a person exactly balance the two?

We have interviewed and have asked a few young entrepreneurs from the large organization of EE to share their stories as well as opinions on this matter. The EE Movement is a rising movement and secret society of young and ambitious entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They are trained by multi-millionaires who are spreading their wisdom that got them to the top upon the deserving youth.

In the words of Brett Bouchy, we as men and women, who strive to be different and successful, are a different breed of people. The ordinary doesn’t suffice anymore. We want our significant others to be ideal, to help us reach our goals, as well as helping them reach theirs.

Mckenzie Hughes- Too Busy for A Relationship

McKenzie Hughes

Meet McKenzie Hughes, a senior at Gilbert High School, as well as a very driven entrepreneur, who is part of the EE Movement.

“In a healthy relationship, I honestly feel as though it’s quite tough to balance those two. I think in order for it to work out, support and motivation is everything. The support can’t just be one way; it should be give and take. If you get that support to strive to be a better entrepreneur and a better person overall, you’re going to want to better the life of your significant other. Personally, I want to see hard work go in both ways in a relationship. I ended my last relationship because the guy was okay with settling for the bare minimum (less). He dropped out of high school his senior year and had planned on joining the marines, but in order to qualify he needed to get his diploma. Therefore, he went back to school, which I was completely supportive about. However, he was in the smoking and drinking scene, which didn’t bother me too much until it started getting in the way of his school. So, right then and there I noticed he wasn’t really motivated to better himself. He said he was, but didn’t show it. And that was the end of it.”

Brett Bouchy- Too Busy for a Relationship

Brett Bouchy

Meet Brett Bouchy, a 20 year old entrepreneur, founder of the EE Movement, and a good friend!

In order to understand our friend Brett’s story, we must delve into the past, and understand his motivations, as well as the event that changed the course of his entire life.

“It was my senior year and I had been dating Nicole for over 2 years. It was the greatest experience at the time. The chemistry we had was indescribable. We were so in love that we had come upon the decision of becoming engaged. We had even gone engagement ring window shopping. Now, before I took upon one of the biggest decisions of my life, it was time to seek her father’s blessing.

When the day had come, I had no idea that the father’s response would change my life forever. He told me that because I couldn’t financially support his daughter; her hand would not be granted to me.

What was the happiest time, had become the most devastating time of my life. Our relationship soon ended and I had made it my life’s goal that I will become so financially independent and successful that when the time came again, it would not be a question.

2 Years Later. What I find attractive now in a woman, is nowhere near where Nicole was at. With her, however, I still had entrepreneurial ideas, but it was more of an ego stroke. ‘Like oh, that’s really awesome, blah blah blah, but you have to remember that you’re only 17 and you have to go to college.’ She would kind of bring me back to reality! And at that moment, I thought it’s so good that I have someone that brings me back to Earth.

It’s funny because when I was dating a different girl, Ashley, she was the complete opposite. She comes from a rich town and her dad has a substantial amount of money. I would tell her what I want to do in EE and our goals. Her reply would be, ‘Well yeah, you absolutely should be doing this! You’re 20 years old, you’re ambitious. You should be doing that.’ She expected me to do great things because that’s what was in her unconscious beliefs due to her upbringing.

The girlfriend situation can be a catalyst one way or another, where it can push you or completely bring you down. However, we can’t take for granted how much time we have today that we should use on ourselves. Therefore, it is quite easy to say that you might be too busy for a relationship.”

What do you look for in a girl now?

“It’s not necessarily what I look for, but what’s not to look for.  If you look for awesome things, every girl will be super unique with several positive characteristics. No doubt about it. The biggest thing I look for is negativity or someone who complains about little things. Subtle unconscious complaining.

Second thing I look for, which may sound a little messed up, is happily married parents. The genealogy. I don’t date to just mess around. I look at her mom, and I look at her grandmother to see if they’re overweight. This is animalistic thinking. I want my children to be legacy-built and top-notch. Most people don’t think that they think this way, but they do. It’s a big deal to me if she has divorced parents, because then there is that mindset that ‘oh, there’s a way out of marriage.’ This is because we have unconscious beliefs. As my own parents are divorced, I am statistically more likely to have a divorce than people with currently married parents.

The third thing I look for, is her ability to think in a global manner, outside of her own realms. Most people that come from poverty, talk about what’s going on in their neighborhood, others however, tend to talk about what’s going on in the world.

My closing on thoughts on this topic is that women, in the highest degree, affect business whether people want to agree with it or not. It’ll either hinder it, or expedite it.”

Timothy Marfori-Too busy for a relationship

Timothy Marfori

Meet Timothy Marfori, a 20 year old motivated entrepreneur from Gilbert, AZ.

“I dated this girl for four years ever since sophomore year in high school. As soon as the relationship began, active fighting and complications were at the forefronts. I have never smoked in my life, yet I understood that she came from a background of smoking. I endured for a while, but it got to the point where she had no self control. I told her that if she continued to smoke, I will no longer be with her. After the first three months, she had reached strike three. The relationship, however, continued for another 4 years. Within this time span, she was in a phase, where all she wanted to do was get my trust back. In this time as well, I got really busy and I would start to bring in a lot of money, which would all go towards her college education. I worked day in and day out to keep her happy. However, being a year older, she would spend a lot of the money that I brought home, at clubs. This year, as I got more into business and becoming successful, I realized she was holding me back. I was giving her 110% and she was only giving less than half of that. It was time that this unstable relationship came to an end.”

However, not all business-minded relationships have to end on a bad note.

Mark Hoverson- too busy for a relationship

Mark and Shannon Hoverson with their four children

Meet Mark Hoverson, an online-guru, who does 8-figures on a yearly basis!

Mark and Shannon Hoverson have been married for over ten years. The two have chemistry like no other. Although the couple have faced some tough times, they endured and met up with success at the end of the tunnel. Mark is lucky to have Shannon, a wife that understands business and does it herself. She supports her husband through the rough times by giving him the positive motivation that he deserves.  When Mark goes into complete ‘business mode,’ Shannon knows not to disturb him and to have an open ear if he has any needs. They are the true example of ‘two peas in a pod.’


We are currently in an age where love and relationships are constantly being reformed. Sure, religion may have a lot to do with this idea, but even kids who don’t have the slightest experience of going to Church, are participating. We are creating excuses and lying by the day to avoid seeing certain people in our lives. 1 in 10 things that are spoken by one’s spouse is a lie. Relationships are just not what they used to be anymore.

relationships too busy for aThe standards of living have increased to a point where breathing is the equivalent of having money. With the number one stimuli for humans being sex, we realize that love and money can become very competitive in nature. As couples, there needs to be a solid understanding of each other’s goals and motives in life through transparency. If you have no clear purpose, then you are defined as a ‘no-body’. Once a mutual understanding has been reached, couples need to engage with each other in helping the other achieve their goals. Each person in the relationship should make the other strive to become a better person. After all, a relationship is best defined through its components of communication, respect, chemistry, commitment, and most importantly, give and take.

We hope the experiences of some of the people that were listed here and their advice gave you some insight on how to approach your own relationships, while handling the two most essential components that humans strive for, love and money.

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